How to handle cleaning requirements not communicated by the letting agent beforehand?

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Managing unforeseen cleaning needs that haven’t been disclosed by the leasing agency in advance can be a difficult circumstance. You can overcome this obstacle, though, if you choose the proper strategy. Here is a thorough guide to assist you in resolving this matter;

Remain composed and evaluate the circumstances 

Breathe deeply and try not to respond hastily. Determine the level of the cleaning needs impartially. Prioritize the places on your list of things that need to be cleaned according to their importance and urgency.

Consult the lease agreement

Go over your lease agreement carefully to learn about your rights and obligations with regard to cleaning duties.  Keep an eye out for any provisions that address tenants’ obligations or cleaning needs. 

Take note of everything 

Take pictures of the property both before and after you occupy it. Take pictures or videos of the disputed regions in case you need to present proof. For your records, save any correspondence with the landlord or letting agent in writing.

Speak with the rental agent 

Speak with the letting agency right away to go over the circumstances. Ask politely if there are any cleaning requirements that weren’t previously disclosed. Ask for clarification on the precise tasks needed and express your desire to work with the other party to find an amicable solution.

Enter into amicable negotiations

Adopt a cooperative and solution-focused attitude when you enter the discussion. Offer a workable alternative, like paying for a professional cleaner’s services or taking care of the cleaning duties yourself. Stress that you will keep the property in good shape and that you will abide by any reasonable requests.

Ask for clarification 

If the renting agent gives you a list of cleaning needs, make sure to clarify any rules that seem unclear or nonspecific. To make sure you understand precisely what is expected of you, ask for examples or more information. Ask for a schedule for doing the cleaning chores so there are no misunderstandings. 

Seek legal counsel if the letting agent insists on cleaning duties that don’t seem fair or aren’t specified in the lease. To find out your rights and choices, speak with a knowledgeable attorney or a tenant advocacy group. When everything else fails, seek an amicable resolution and only resort to the judicial system.

Act now 

As soon as you have a firm grasp of the cleaning specifications, work quickly to meet them. Make a thorough strategy and schedule if you’re doing the cleaning yourself to make sure everything gets done on time. Arrange a cleaning appointment and get quotations from reliable providers if you’re employing a professional cleaner. 


Follow up with the letting agency once the cleaning is finished to make sure all the standards have been satisfied. If required, ask for a final inspection to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the state of the property.

Take away knowledge from the experience 

Make the most of this circumstance to enhance your comprehension and communication with the landlord or letting agent. Make a note of any lessons you’ve learned and apply them to your future dealings with tenants. To avoid future tenancy disputes, think about bringing up the topic of cleaning expectations upfront.


It can be difficult to deal with the leasing agent’s unexpected cleaning requirements, but it’s crucial to remain composed, explain clearly, and look for a win-win solution. You may effectively handle this scenario and make sure that your tenancy stays positive and hassle-free by adhering to the above-mentioned procedures and keeping a cooperative attitude.

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