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For the benefit of both tenants and landlords, the property must be meticulously cleaned when a tenancy ends. A thorough end-of-tenancy cleaning ensures that the rental property is left in top shape, assisting tenants in getting their security deposit back and giving new tenants a fresh start. We at Urban End of Tenancy have created a comprehensive checklist for our services like end of tenancy cleaning Richmond that covers every area and facet of the house to guarantee a successful tenancy cleaning.


Since the kitchen is frequently one of the rooms in a house that is used the most, it needs to be cleaned to a high degree that both landlords and potential tenants would appreciate.


  • Oven and stove: Dust inside and out, making sure to clean the trays and racks. Eliminate all charred food and oil. 
  • Refrigerator: Defrost and thoroughly clean the interior, drawers, and shelves. Make sure it is left open and turned off. 
  • Microwave: Dust the interior and outside, as well as the turntable. 
  • Dishwasher: Scrub the interior surfaces, door, and filter. 
  • Washing machine: Empty the drum, rubber seal, and detergent drawer. 
  • Extractor fan: Make sure the hood is grease-free and clean or replace the filters. 

Cabinets and surfaces

  • Countertops: sanitize and clean every surface. 
  • Cabinets and drawers: Empty, dust, and wipe down the handles of cabinets and drawers.
    Plumbing and sink
  • Sink: Scrub and descale, ensuring there are no limescale deposits or watermarks.
  • Plumbing: Make sure the drains are clear and look for any leaks. 

Tiles and floors

  • Flooring: Clean, mop, and sweep the surface. 
  • Tiles and grout: Clean and remove any stains or grease from the tiles and grout.


To maintain hygiene and a clean appearance, bathrooms must be kept in extremely high condition. Our services end of tenancy cleaning Hammersmith ensures that your bathroom is in top condition by following these protocols.


  • Toilet bowl: Scrub the entire bowl, including the area beneath the rim. To get rid of any limescale, use a descaler. 
  • Seat and lid: Clean and sanitize the seat and lid completely. 

Shower and bathtub

  • Bathtub: Clean the bathtub and get rid of any limescale and soap residue.
    Shower: Scrub the showerhead, grout, and tiles. Make sure there is no mold growth or soap scum on the screen or curtain.

Sink and accessories

  • Sink: Scrub and descale, ensuring there are no limescale deposits or watermarks.
  • Fixtures: Give faucets, handles, and any other fixtures a good clean and shine.
    Glass and mirrors
  • Mirrors: Wipe with a clean, streak-free surface. 
  • Glass: Wipe down windows and shower screens. 

Storage and surfaces

  • Countertops: sanitize and clean. 
  • Cabinets and drawers: Clean and empty the interior and exterior of cabinets and drawers.

Bedrooms and living room 

Bedrooms and living areas should appear tidy, enticing, and clean. 

Polishing and dusting

  • Surfaces: Polish and dust every surface, including furniture, tables, and shelves. 
  • Light fixtures: Dust and cobwebs should be removed from light fixtures. 

Doors and windows

  • Windows: Clear the sills and frames, as well as the interiors. 
  • Doors: Doors should be cleaned, including the glass panels and any knobs.

Carpets and floors

  • Hard flooring: clean, sanitize, and sweep. 
  • Carpets: To get rid of stains and smells, vacuum them and, if needed, steam clean them.

Ceilings and walls

  • Walls: Clean up any stains or marks. Apply touch-up paint as needed. 
  • Ceilings: Clear the dust and cobwebs. 

Tips for successful end-of-tenancy cleaning

  • Make sure all the chores are finished by using a checklist. To identify any locations that were overlooked, conduct a final check. 
  • To ensure excellent standards and save time, think about using expert cleaning services like our end of tenancy cleaning Tower Hamlets
  • Take pictures of the freshly cleaned property to show the landlord or property manager how it is.


You can accomplish a successful tenancy cleaning that satisfies the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness by adhering to this thorough checklist. Here at Urban End of Tenancy, we’re dedicated to giving you the best cleaning services possible so you can easily meet these criteria. Get in touch with us right now to find out more about our tenancy cleaning services such as end of tenancy cleaning Richmond and how we can help you prepare your property for the next set of owners by leaving it pristine.

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