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end-of-tenancy cleaning

To maintain rental properties’ condition and provide a seamless transfer between renters, end-of-tenancy cleaning is an essential step. The size of the property, the extent of the cleaning needed, and the location are some of the elements that affect the cost of end-of-tenancy cleaning in the UK, which varies greatly. This in-depth article will explore the associated expenses, the variables that may impact these expenses, and what to anticipate from an end-of-tenancy cleaning service.

Average end-of-tenancy cleaning cost

Depending on the size and condition of the house, end-of-tenancy cleaning in the UK usually costs between £80 and £500. This is an overview in general:

  • One-bedroom or studio apartment: £80 to £180
  • Apartment with two bedrooms: £120–220
  • House with three bedrooms: £200 to £300
  • A four-bedroom or bigger home: between £300 and £400

These costs may change depending on the particular cleaning business chosen and any other services that are needed.

Factors affecting the cost


  • Square feet: Cleaning larger houses takes more time and effort, which drives up the cost.
  • No. of rooms: An increase in the number of rooms results in an increase in cleaning costs.
  • State of the property
  • Level of cleanliness: The cost will be higher if the property is badly maintained and has a lot of filth and grime on it because more work will be needed.
  • Past tenants: Deep cleaning and specialist treatments may be required for properties that were inhabited by smokers or pets, which would raise the expense.

Range of cleaning services offered

  • Standard cleaning: Vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, and wiping off surfaces are all included in standard cleaning.
  • Deep cleaning: Thorough cleaning that includes cleaning the interior of appliances like stoves and refrigerators, scrubbing down tiles and grout, and cleaning carpets.
  • Extra services: These can include outside cleaning for sheds and garages, as well as window, upholstery, and curtain cleaning.


  • Urban vs. rural: Because of greater living expenses and demand, cleaning services are typically more expensive in urban regions like London than in rural ones.
  • Regional differences: The UK’s various areas might have very varying prices.
  • Season
  • Seasonal demand: Throughout the year, there may be variations in the demand for end-of-tenancy cleaning services. Due to increasing demand, peak moving seasons like the summer may have higher prices.

Company pricing

  • Reputation and experience: Reputable, long-standing businesses may charge more for their proficiency and dependability.
  • Services included: While some businesses provide all-inclusive packages, others could charge more for particular services.

What does end-of-tenancy cleaning include?

A comprehensive cleaning of the entire house is usually included in an end-of-tenancy cleaning service. 

  • Kitchen: Scrub the floors, sinks, taps, cupboards (inside and out), and surfaces. Ovens, stoves, and extractor fans should all be cleaned and degreased. Cleaning the interior of equipment such as dishwashers, microwaves, and refrigerators.
  • Bathroom: In the restroom, clean and sanitize sinks, showers, and bathtubs. Scrubbing floors, mirrors, and tiles. Descale shower heads and faucets.
  • Living areas: Vacuuming carpets, cleaning hard floors, and dusting and wiping all surfaces. Scrubbing light fixtures, switches, skirting boards, and windows.
  • Bedrooms: Vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, dusting and cleaning surfaces, and cleaning wardrobes both inside and out are all necessary in bedrooms.
  • Hallways and stairwells: Vacuumed carpets, mopped floors, and cleaned banisters in hallways and stairwells.

Extra expenses

The following are a few extra services that could raise the total cost:

  • Carpet cleaning: Professional carpet cleaning might cost anywhere from £30 to £60 per room.
  • Furniture cleaning: Sofas and other upholstered furniture may require cleaning that ranges from £20 to £40 per piece.
  • Window cleaning: Depending on the quantity of windows, exterior and interior window cleaning can cost an additional £30 to £100.
  • Curtain cleaning: Depending on the set, cleaning can cost an additional £20 to £40.
  • Outside cleaning: Depending on the amount of work needed, cleaning patios, driveways, or garages may increase the final cost.

Ways to cut expenses on end of tenancy cleaning

  • Compare the quotes

Get estimates from many cleaning firms so you can evaluate the costs and services provided.

  • Take care of your own cleaning

Take up some of the simpler cleaning chores, like vacuuming and dusting, on your own to cut down on expenses and workload.

  • Plan ahead

Making reservations early might occasionally result in lower prices and guaranteed availability.

  • Look for savings

Seek out exclusive deals or promotions, particularly in off-peak times.

  • Bundle services

Some businesses provide a discount if you combine many services into one, such as carpet and end-of-tenancy cleaning.

Selecting the appropriate cleaning service

Think about the following when choosing an end-of-tenancy cleaning service:

  • Reputation and reviews

To evaluate the dependability and caliber of the cleaning service, look through online reviews and testimonies.

  • Guarantees and insurance

Verify if the business has a satisfaction guarantee and is insured. This might shield you if there are any damages or the cleaning falls short of the requirements.

  • Knowledge and expertise

Select a business with end-of-tenancy cleaning experience, they will know what criteria rental agents and landlords have.

End of tenancy cleaning cost calculator

A studio or one-bedroom apartment costs between £80 and £150, a two-bedroom apartment between £120 and £220, a three-bedroom house between £200 and £350, and a property with four or more beds between £300 and £500 in end-of-tenancy cleaning fees. Extra charges apply for things like carpet and upholstery cleaning (£20–60 per room), window cleaning (£30–100 per window), and curtain cleaning (£20–40 per set). Cost is influenced by location, with urban locations like London being more expensive. For instance, a two-bed apartment may cost £150 plus an additional £60 to clean the carpets in two rooms, for a total of £210. 


When tenants are leaving a rental home, end-of-tenancy cleaning is a crucial service that helps them fulfill their end of the contract and get their deposit back. Numerous variables, including the property’s size and condition, the level of cleaning necessary, and the location, might affect the price of these services in the UK. You can make sure that your end-of-tenancy cleaning experience is comprehensive and reasonably priced by being aware of these variables and selecting the best service provider.

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